Interactive bio-auditory installation (project under development)

Kostya Diachkov
The work «COEXIST» investigates the principles of receiving-processing-transmitting signals in a multi-agent system.
As part of the exhibition, an artist talk toke place at Zoom meeting, an artist presented the project documentation (see video below, in russian).
The author aims to create audio content as a result of the interaction of a person, a biological agent (plant) and an algorithm.
Installation creation can be divided into three stages:
  • development of DIY capacitive sensor for receiving data from a plant with its subsequent transfer;
  • algorithm for data processing;
  • generation of sound and video.
At the moment, at the contact of a person with a plant, it was possible to receive the simplest signal, and interpret it into a primitive noise sound.
further development of the project:
By the summer of 2021, the author of the project plans to obtain audiovisual compositions by improving the sensor and complicating the algorithms and describe in detail these artistic practices.
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