Mental ink
Meditative generative graphics

Alexandra Kustavinova
«Mental ink» is the symbiosis of art and behavioral psychology. The project draw attention to a person's loss of awareness in the everyday hustle and bustle of the modern world.
The exhibition has provided an excellent opportunity to dive in the project demonstrated over Zoom and bring yourself a mental peace ordering flow of thoughts. Make yourself feel comfortable in a motionless state.
The project maintains feedback with the viewer and has two forms of interaction – the viewer's focal point is tracked using the Pupil Core device or the mouse cursor. "Thoughts" flock to the point of attraction: such an abstraction refers to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), when thoughts, like a swarm of bees, constantly fuss. But it is worth paying attention to at least one - everything begins to focus only around it, obsessively looping inside consciousness.
But the project has another side - external. The viewer, interacting with "Mental ink", transfers attention from his inner world to the external environment, which calls him to be aware when performing such actions. This kind of "alignment" between the inner and outer worlds allows you to feel the present moment both mentally and physically, to bring your consciousness in order and "go outside."
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