Wearable device

Natalia Okisheva
The Wearable device «Motherhood» is a way to convey the experience of pregnancy, to allow everyone to experience this physiological process without being tied to gender.
As part of the exhibition, a meeting with the artist took place at a Zoom-call, where she spoke about her projects «Motherhood» and «Fetter».
This work focuses on the consideration of pregnancy and motherhood as physiological needs, as well as their role in social processes.

The work was based on the data of the Total fertility rate, as a reflection of social pressure on women. And also it reflects the Theory of generations.
The total fertility rate represents the number of children that a woman would give birth if she lives to the end of her childbearing period and gives birth to children in accordance with the current fertility rate.
Music as a reflection of the "Theory of Generations": it is based on the idea that people who grew up under similar historical conditions are united by common attitudes, habits and values.
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