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digital art masterS program
Daria Goffman
An interdisciplinary artist working with analog and digital art instruments. She is engaged in group and individual projects in the field of public art, technological art, media art and street art. Also works with video, photography and installation. Participant of group exhibitions and festivals since 2013.

Vlad Kononkov
Media artist. In his artistic practice, he works on group and personal projects in the field of technological art, media art and sound art. Looks through the prism of contemporary art on a local context in order to re-interpret the communication and interaction of human and non-human agents. In his projects, he seeks to collaborate with researchers, scientists from various fields, as well as with other artists.

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Natalia Okisheva
Interdisciplinary artist, she works with a media art tools, synthesizing technologies and the experience of a props artist. In her works she explores human perception, modern aesthetics of corporeality, issues of social behavior and communication. Studies the properties of silicone — visually and tactically, it is close to human tissues, which allows her to create objects that reveal the theme of physicality.

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Polina Aleshchenko
Interdisciplinary artist, architect. Works on group and personal projects in the field of digital art, sound art and interactive performances. In her practice, she uses AR / VR technologies, neural networks and generative sound, expanding the possibilities of real-time graphics and human perceptions. Currently she is working on an augmented reality application with audio-visual content as part of his master's thesis.

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Gray Cake
The art group explores the paradigm of combining traditional artistic techniques and new technologies. According to artists, "old" mediums do not have artistic relevance, but have a powerful historical code that has already become a part of the culture of perception. In other hand, "new" mediums require deep understanding in order to become a full-fledged tool, and not just present itself as pure technology.

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Maxim IMANOU Fadeev
Сross-disciplinary artist, music producer, educator and curator. He works with hybrid mediums and forms but the main are music, sound-art, performance and installation. At the moment he researches the notion of boundary and the transition from national to post-national.

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Alina Ross
Media artist, graphic designer. Applying technologies of interactivity, light, projection and AR / VR, she immerses the viewer in the atmosphere when the prejudice "expectation is reality" collapses, and then studies reactions and emotions regarding projects. At the moment he is working with holographic technologies as part of his master's thesis.

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Alexandra Kustavinova
A media artist who works in an interdisciplinary field, she creates audio-visual/light/interactive installations to turn a spectator into a participator. Alexandra implements interdisciplinary approach and sinergy of an art and other areas of human activity in her projects. For now, she works with «Science Art» conception fusing art and scientific techniques.

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Kostya Diachkov
Web, UI and UX designer. Media artist. His artworks explore the aesthetics and physiological processes of plants through mathematical algorithms. It pays attention to problems of maintaining ecological balance and biological diversity. Kostya works with neural networks, machine learning, and audio-visual content creation algorithms.

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